Is your faith on STEROIDS?  Do you believe that God can do anything? Do you believe that God can use his children to help accomplish his well?  If you answered yes to these questions then what are you doing and if there is more than one person that answered yes what are we doing as a church?

Here is a statement that I believe is true.

“If the church would be what Jesus asked us to be. If the church would do what Jesus asked us to do, the need for government to step in and care for the poor, the hurting, and helpless would be nearly non-existent.”                 Author unknown

There is an organization out there that is trying to live this statement out, Live 58.

Live 58 is this great organization that is just crazy enough to believe the church as a whole and yes that means Pentecostals, Catholics, Baptists, and Presbyterians can do this if we work as a community. And you know what it can’t be done alone the Catholics and the Baptists have tried and they can’t do it.  It will take all of us working together crossing the denominational lines.

I believe it is the heart of God that we work together on this.

Live 58 faith is on steroids!

Is yours?


Never underestimate the power and influence you have on others.

Well like it or not our court system did what it was designed to do. 

“Innocent until proven guilty.”

Not by the water coolers I hung out around this week and I was around Christians all week.

This lady was chop liver.

Then Tuesday happened.


Most of the shock has come from the Christian community.


It was evil and wrong what happened to Caylee that helpless, innocent little girl, being sent to her death by something out of her control.

Just the thought frightens me, especially having two young children of my own.

It was a cowardice and brutal act no matter how it happened.


But Casey is not guilty.  

The system in which we place our trust found her not guilty.

So, what to do now?

What do we do after all the gasps and remarks on blogs, facebook etc… on how we think it should of played out.


What do we do when she walks into dare I say it your church this Sunday?

What do we do with someone who claims one thing yet the world believes another?

Who is seeking refuge from the world in the arms of our body?

How do you respond?

How should the church respond?

How do you think the church world actually will respond?


Give me some feed back.


If you could be doing anything in the world right now, other than what you are doing what would it be?

Did we, as Christians really need this kind of publicity?

The problem with Harold Camping, other than the date fixing or his bad hermeneutics is the fact that in his propaganda there is no message of Christ or the cross.  He has totally left the gospel out of it.  I just hope that on May 22, 2011 that he will repent and come back to the cross and ask all the people he led astray to forgive him.

What are your thoughts on the doomsday fiasco?

I have been in ministry and/or church pretty much my whole life and what I have found out is…

It’s not about how many projectors you have.

It’s not about your catchy sermon series.

It’s not about your cool church name.

It’s not about how many flat screens you have in the foyer.

It’s not about all the pretty people you have on stage.

It’s not about the coffee you service.

It’s not about you creating the WOW factor.

It’s not about preaching your sermon on an iPad.

It’s not about what you’ve done in the past.

It’s not about the latest songs being sung.

It’s about Jesus!

It’s about praying for God to show up in spite of you.

It’s about showing others what Jesus can do for them.

All this other stuff is optional.

Differently not necessary.

No matter how relevant you try to become, the moment you forget about the SIMPLE message of Jesus, you become just another club, bar, meeting area that people just come to hang.  But not places were they come to encounter a Savior, a healer, and a sustainer.

Never forget why you meet.

Chant God Bless America and USA USA!

Should we be celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden?

These are questions I asked myself today.

As a Christian what should my response be, better yet what would Christ response be?

I’ll admit. I cheered a little when I heard the news.

Later, I talked to a friend and he stated that he was shocked by the general Christian’s response to the death of  Osama.  That a Christian should never be excited over anyone’s death no matter how bad they may be.

Christ never rejoiced over anyone’s miss fortune not even his enemies.

And if we are to be like Christ then aren’t we to act the same?

I do feel a little bit of shame that I cheered.

I do feel that what we did was right and justified, but to cheer and celebrate someone’s death does seem a bit morbid.

What’s your response to Osama’s death?

How should Christians respond to Osama’s death?

Talk to me!

It was Freudian psychology that really made ego a popular term.  It describes one’s personality and in many cases the guilt that is often times associated with a person’s ego.

I have walked in my fair share of guilt. I have rolled in it. Put it in a backpack and carried it everywhere I went.  Guilt raises its ugly head when I think I am being less than perfect.  And for some reason I trick myself into thinking that beating myself up over coming up short is going to make me feel better. Wrong.

So I turn to my faith often times and say, “Look at how terrible you are. God, I am so sorry I am like this”, is a holy thing.  Why do I continue to participate in the endless cycle of crucifying myself over my guilt?  I remember a person saying, “what you do in any given moment is the best you can do.  If you could have done better, you would have”.  I don’t know if that’s good doctrine or not or just a way of letting yourself off the hook, but for now I am going with that.

It’s hard at times to be sold out to my beliefs and passions because I might fail and if I fail the guilt sets in.  It comes in like a twelve-foot closeout wave, tumbling me in the white water of a wave that I know I should never have tried to surf, until it pushes me onto the shore where I arise out of the water battered and bruised.

Since I am scared of failure, I like to say, “I’ll give it a try”, that’s really just a copout.  I’ll try to love my wife the way God loves the Church, I’ll try to be a good dad, I’ll try to get in shape.”  I have found that “I’ll try” if I’m honest with myself is “I don’t believe I’ve got what it takes to make it happen”.

Really guilt is just the reaction of my Ego.  And when I react to my guilt I am only feeding the uneasiness I already feel.   It is my Ego that is concerned about how others see me.  It is my Ego that makes me O.C.D. in a lot of areas of my life.  It is my Ego that gets pissed when I fail at something.  It is my Ego that is ill logical and it goes like this, “Good Christians never stumble, never sin.  You had a fleeting thought you must not be a good Christian.”

A person’s Ego can make a person do or not do a lot of things out of fear.  Like why can’t I just lay it out there to a good friend that I might have a sin that I am struggling with, why can’t I be more real with others (why can’t we all)?  I only let people know what I want them to know about me no more or no less.  And the times I feel like I can open up to a friend my Ego tells me, “you’ve done it now they think you’re a nut”.  Like a child, my Ego always wants to get it’s way and sadly it usually does.

But I’ve realized something recently when my Ego raises its ugly head, instead of trying to fight it I let it take it’s course. Then I pick up the pieces and move on with my life.  I’ve come to the conclusion that my Ego is part of who I am, for better or worse, and has molded me in many ways into the person I am today.  But I am the owner of my Ego; I don’t have to partake in its silly games if I don’t want to.  And I no longer engage in the nonsense of guilt because I am aware of my Savior’s grace and how he will make time stand still for me if I need it to.

To be free, you have to see yourself as being good enough, today, tomorrow, and even in your not so flattering past.  We have all got to stop saying I’ll be Ok later and realize we are Ok now.

When I fall, I know that God is there for me and the fall doesn’t seem quite as bad.

The next step is to chill out on every body else and let them wrestle with their own Ego.  Maybe I can even share with them a little grace  a long the way.

Here is a video of two well-known pastors. Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church in Dallas, Texas, and Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This video is all the fuss for the pastoral world right now.  So I thought I’d share it with you guys and ask what type of church you attend?  Don’t say yours is both, because if you’re honest with yourself your church leans a little more to one side than the other.

To be fair two both pastors, I don’t like this video clip at all, because it does not show us the whole conversation that went on between the two.  But, none the less, it poses to a good question to ask ourselves.  I believe it is good for us to realize the type of church we attend.

Let me also state that I attended Steve Furtick’s church for a while and listened to his sermons and can tell you that he has so much depth and theology that one could swim in it.  Also, Matt Chandler is my favorite pastor probably of all time. I have been listenng to his podcast from the very beginning of his ministry.  He and a few other select preachers have helped mold my adult faith into what it is today.

I’ve been in both styles of churches and neither I would say is bad.  The church I am attending now gravitates towards depth in doctrine.

So how about you? Where’s your church at?

You got to see this!

So what do you think is OK or Not?

I think it’s a bit weird that they are dancing to Christian music, but who I’m I to judge.

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